Santosh Manicka received a B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy, India, followed by M.Sc. in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, U.K, and Ph.D. in Complex Systems from Indiana University Bloomington, U.S.A.

Santosh Manicka is a Research Affiliate in the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University where his research centers on the modeling and analysis of biological systems using minimal dynamical systems and phenomenological principles. The overarching questions that his research strives to shed light on includes the organizational and computational principles that biological systems employ to undergird disparate phenomena such as patterning, development, regeneration, memory and control. His research especially focuses on the role of bioelectricity and electric fields as potential low-dimensional macro-scale control knobs in steering morphogenetic outcomes and facilitating information exchange among the components of a biological system.