Evgeniya (Zhenya) Shmeleva, MD, PhD holds a medical degree with a residency in Infectious Diseases and a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Russia.

Zhenya Shmeleva is an immunologist who joined Dr Michael Levin's lab at the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University in 2022. Her primary research focuses on investigating the underlying mechanisms of complex structure regrow with the aim to overcome barriers to mammalian regeneration of organs and body parts, such as limbs. This research contributes to the development of novel therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine.

Additionally, Zhenya has a distinct interest in studying how foreign agents, such as pathogens, manipulate host biological systems. She explores the potential of harnessing these manipulations for therapeutic purposes.

Prior to joining Tufts University, Zhenya worked at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she focused on host-pathogen interactions, with an emphasis on viral immunology, vaccine development, and immune responses at the foetal-maternal interface during various infections.