Adam Safron received a B.A. in Psychology and Cognitive Science and a Ph.D. in Psychology (Brain, Behavior, and Cognition), both from Northwestern University.
Adam is currently focused on AI, models of consciousness, free will (or mechanisms of agency), and psychedelic phenomena/mechanisms. Inspired by previous work in which he attempted to make headway on the enduring problems of consciousness by combining existing theories, he is currently developing a synthetic theory (grounded in Mike Levin's work) that attempts to describe the intelligence of living phenomena in terms of heterarchical predictive processing, with a specific focus on using machine learning as an algorithmic abstraction layer for understanding organisms (including individual cells) as kinds of AI (agent) architectures. His ultimate purpose is to help people connect more deeply to themselves and others so that we may expand our agency in the service of shared meanings. Please see this website for more details on his background and present/future work: